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  • Jay Brazeau

#7 - Ostrich in an Aviator Jacket

Infrequently Asked Questions (iFAQs):

  1. What are your trying to sell me? Nothing at all! The objective of WHAT YOU'D NEVER EXPECT A BEAR TO WEAR (and Other Ironic Outfits) has always been to delight and surprise in a low-tech and accessible way. That's why all 17 poems will be free to view in a park near you.

  2. I'm still suspicious. Will this collection of poems be a book someday? Is this a promotion? No plans exist to publish WHAT YOU'D NEVER EXPECT A BEAR TO WEAR (and Other Ironic Outfits) as a traditional picture book poetry collection. But I'm open to offers (particularly if I get to keep the motion picture rights).

  3. How can I get a complete set of all 17 poem cards? Can I buy them? The poem cards are not for sale, but if you are among the first 5 people to contact me before September 2, 2022 I'll send a complete set of poem cards to you in the mail!

  4. I've got a few ideas of my own. How about a monkey in a serious suit, or a whale with a life jacket on? Can you write a poem about them? Absolutely. Send me a note with your idea I'll do my best to write a poem just for you!

  5. What WOULD I never expect a bear to wear? Will I ever find out? Yes! As long as everything goes according to schedule, you'll find out in the last week of October. But if you look closely, Meaghan has dropped a hint on the back of the card.

  6. Are you entirely certain the outfits you are writing about are indeed "ironic"? Aren't these just "awkward" outfits? Possibly. At very least the outfits are unexpected. Irony is a difficult concept to get perfectly, particularly for artists from Ottawa.

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