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Welcome to your virtual park...

A place for you to discover all 17 poems in the IRONIC OUTFITS collection.

"Linguistic twists and acrobatics.   Wonderful!  Sophisticated nonsense on display.  A happy criss-cross pollination of art and whimsy." 

                                                         - Sheree Fitch, award winning poet, storyteller,

                                                                                 and educator Author of Toes in My Nose and                                                           Other Poems and Mabel Murple

WHAT YOU'D NEVER EXPECT A BEAR TO WEAR (and OTHER IRONIC OUTFITS) is a unique public art project intended to surprise, delight and connect in a low-tech way.  Written by Ottawa-based poet, Jay Brazeau each poem is artfully illustrated by the multi-talented, Juno award-winning Meaghan Smith, printed and dropped in any number of parks in the neighborhoods of Hintonburg and Wellington Village. 


Collect all 17 poem cards or subscribe to see them by email as revealed.  Don't forget to follow, tag me on Twitter and Instagram, or leave comments in this virtual park!


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