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About Jay

Jay Brazeau is an award-winning, Ottawa-based poet (if the hamburger he won for writing a poem about chicken can be considered an award).

He spends a lot of time considering the clothing choices animals would make if given the opportunity to select their own outfits.  He wrote the IRONIC OUTFITS collection of poems to examine their likely unexpected choices.  Can you think of other animals and the awkward clothing choices they might make?  If so, tag him on Twitter or leave a comment here.  Maybe he'll write a poem just for you!

Jay's poems have appeared in The Toy, Little Thoughts Press, The Caterpillar, the anthologies HOP TO IT: Poems to Get You Moving (Pomelo Books, 2020), 10•10 Poetry Anthology (wee words for wee ones, 2021) and online at The Feisty Beast, The Dirigible Balloon and Tyger Tyger

You can follow Jay on Twitter @brazeau_jay and on Instagram @theotherjaybrazeau.

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